listunspent - Okcash RPC

listunspent ( minconf maxconf  ["addresses",...] 

Returns array of unspent transaction outputs
with between minconf and maxconf (inclusive) confirmations.

1. minconf          (numeric, optional, default=1) The minimum confirmations to filter
2. maxconf          (numeric, optional, default=9999999) The maximum confirmations to filter
3. "addresses"      (string) A json array of Okcash addresses to filter
      "address"     (string) Okcash address

[                     (array of json object)
    "txid" : "txid",        (string) the transaction id 
    "vout" : n,               (numeric) the vout value
    "address" : "address",  (string) the Okcash address
    "account" : "account",  (string) DEPRECATED. The associated account, or "" for the default account
    "scriptPubKey" : "key", (string) the script key
    "confirmations" : n,      (numeric) The number of confirmations
    "spendable" : xxx,        (bool) Whether we have the private keys to spend this output
    "solvable" : xxx,         (bool) Whether we know how to spend this output, ignoring the lack of keys

> okcashd listunspent 

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